Welcome to Sonero AI for Business Productivity

Welcome to Sonero AI for Business Productivity

Sonero is a revolutionary AI for business productivity platform designed to increase meeting effectiveness and create a company-wide knowledge database. We are so excited to be able to publicly launch our product to make virtual meetings a powerful tool for your business. Our news page will be a place for new feature announcements but we want to take a moment to let you know what Sonero can offer so far.

Sonero AI for Business
Drive powerful virtual meetings with our AI Insights

With more and more meetings turning to the virtual space, we know there can be a fear of productivity or knowledge loss compared to face-to-face. There can also be an information overload with the wide range of virtual meeting platforms available today. At Sonero, we want to help automate and simplify the digital transformation to remote work.

Zoom Connectivity

Sonero is proud to be listed in the Zoom App Marketplace as a preferred app due to our ease of use and connectivity. If you currently have a Zoom Pro account, you can easily connect Sonero and Zoom to take full advantage of our platform. You also do not need to worry about remembering to turn Sonero on – if your virtual meeting is recorded on the Zoom Cloud, it’s recorded by Sonero!

While we currently (August 2021) only support Zoom, we are working on rolling out the same connectivity for all virtual meeting platforms. Follow us on LinkedIn or join our mailing list to be the first to know when new features are launched. In the meantime, you are able to upload audio or video files directly to Sonero to take advantage of our AI for business platform.

Natural Language Processing AI for Business

The core strength of Sonero AI for Business is our proprietary Natural Language Processing Engine. This enables our platform to deliver meaningful meeting insights, actionable next steps, and a robust Q&A collection. You never need to worry about missing or forgetting important information in any meeting again!

Meeting Insights

Sonero goes much further than other virtual transcription services in the market today. We do provide an automatic transcription of virtual meetings but we take one step beyond to provide insights into your meeting. Our revolutionary Topic Modelling can decipher the most important topics discussed in your meeting and connects the relevant conversations.

But wait, there’s more! Our sophisticated AI for Business platform also derives actionable next steps from your meeting and highlights them as part of your automatic meeting insights. Missed follow ups, forgotten deliverables, and lack of accountability are a thing of the past with Sonero!

Sonero Meeting Insights
Our sophisticated AI automatically derives actionable next steps from your Zoom meeting

Question & Answer

At Sonero, we believe the best way to share knowledge is through questions and answers. This is why we have created an extension of our Topic Modelling system to collect all questions asked during your virtual meeting. Sonero will match the corresponding answers to these questions to build a centralized knowledge database for you and your team.

Missed a meeting? No problem! Simply click on the Meeting Insights or Q&A section to get quickly up-to-speed. Want to make sure you’re prepared for the next, recurring client meeting? Head back to that section to make sure you’re ready to address anything.

Automatic Zoom Recording Transcription

Even though we go beyond, we still want to mention our automatic Zoom recording transcription ability. Click on “Transcript” in your meeting on the Sonero platform and see a full output of every word separated by speaker. You are also able to click on each line of the transcript to immediately play the meeting from that point on.

Sonero Zoom Transcription
Sonero transcribes your entire virtual meeting and also highlights phrases to help with searching

Sonero also gives you the ability to create bookmarks for important points or moments that you want to have at your fingertips. These bookmarks can also be shared with your team to highlight sections of the meeting they can view without having to search through the recording.

More to Come from Sonero AI

Everything above is the foundation of what makes Sonero AI for Business a powerful tool for any B2B or B2C company taking part in a digital transformation. However, we have so many more features that have recently launched or in the development pipeline. Follow us on LinkedIn to be among the first to know about these feature launches to enhance your virtual meeting productivity.

In the meantime, you can book a Sonero demo to find out how we can effortlessly fit into your current workflow and enhance your remote work capabilities!

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