Drive virtual meetings with intelligence

Sonero uses sophisticated AI to develop intelligent summaries covering key insights such as next steps, action items, talking points, recaps of important topics and so much more!

You can easily search all of your meeting conversations, highlight key moments and share them automatically with your team to level up your productivity.

AI for virtual meetings

Why should you use Sonero?


Actionable Insights

Get critical insights to help you drive immediate action and track objectives


Centralized Knowledge

All your meeting conversations are captured, indexed and searchable in one place


Share & Collaborate

Easily share your meetings, create video highlights and collaborate with your team


Zoom Integration

Meetings are captured and analyzed automatically with the seamless Zoom integration

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What do you get from Sonero?

Intelligent Insights & Summaries

Sonero extracts key insights to help you drive action instantaneously. Sonero’s sophisticated AI also surfaces important conversation highlights to generate a digestible recap of your meeting automatically.

Searchable Transcripts

Use Sonero’s global search functionality to search for any topics to quickly get relevant meetings. Our transcripts are clickable to play key moments from the recording.

Share & Collaborate

Easily and securely share meetings with the participants, your team and others. Collaborate with your team by adding any meeting notes or comments.

Meeting Highlights

Effortlessly highlight and bookmark all the key moments in your meetings. Share these bookmarks with your team to keep the best information front and center!


Dive deeper into the analytics and get a better understanding of meeting metrics such as speaker timelines and breakdowns.

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