Better meetings with AI

Increase revenue.
Increase retention.

Better customer calls with AI.

Sonero makes it faster and easier for client-facing teams to understand and take action on customer call outcomes. - Notes, analytics, coaching, better meetings with AI | Product Hunt
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Improving customer relationships for countless businesses

Designed to become your new conference call habit

Safe, subtle, and built with go-to-market teams in mind

For client-facing teams

Sonero specializes in external, client-facing conversations. Our analytics tell a rich and predictive narrative around customer intent so that our users can get ahead of the sales or retention process.

Made for sharing

Sonero's meeting insights are as public or private as you need. Keep our outputs to yourself, distribute them to clients, or make them available to the world.

All eyes on one page

Unite your go-to-market team with a centralized repo of call insights. Deliver upsell opportunities to Sales, provide feedback to Product, or share the necessary context to craft a smooth customer journey by Customer Success.

Subtle & friendly

The Sonero AI Assistant is present, friendly, but silent as it takes call tasks off your hands. White-label it, automatically send out an introduction email, or provide your attendees with an opt out option.

Privacy first design

Security is our top priority. Your data is owned by you and enterprise-grade encrypted, end-to-end, always. At any time, opt to remove your data from our UI and systems completely.

Fully extensible

Access Sonero functionality through our web app or via API. Our solution is fully extendable and scalable for your organization.

Focus, we'll take notes

Raw and complete. Full transcripts. Speaker attribution. Linked playback. Never miss an important point again.

Useful, usable insights. Receive automatically extracted conversation highlights like customer Q&Askey topics, and action items.

Predict & pre-empt intent

Predict risk. When frustrations arise, we can tell. We’ll identify and highlight customer pain points so you can prevent escalation and churn. 

Potential next steps. There are so many ways that “interest” is expressed, which means so many more ways you can delight your customer. We’ll listen for and deliver a list of possibilities for follow-up.

Audience Sentiment

Get the full story. Tie every high and every low for every person back to that point-in-time of the conversation with industry-first facial expression and speech analysis

Visualized. Track the energy, emotion, and tone of your audience. Answer for yourself if you were effective at communication.

Automated coaching for better calls every time

Every meeting can be quantified. Your Meeting Score is the grade we assign to each conversation based on objective criteria. If there’s room for improvement, we will make a specific recommendation.

Integrated with your tools

What our customers are saying

"Sonero is an essential part of EnerKnol's workflow. Our client-facing teams utilize Sonero's multifaceted capabilities - notably the cutting-edge analytics - to follow up on action items, close deals, and ensure team-wide synchronicity.

All of us at EnerKnol have countless meetings per week and Sonero's excellent organization and data consolidation has become so useful - I cannot fathom hosting a meeting without it!"
Angelique Mercurio
Sonero has been a game changer. In 6 months, our win rate has increased by 125%.

They've facilitated improved training for our client-facing teams, qualification of leads, and how we respond to objections.

The recordings & transcripts allow for a more seamless transition from sales to account management, improving onboarding and therefore retention of our clients."
Sam Nesbitt
"Sonero has been an exceptional tool for our agency!

Before Sonero, we would have to type out meeting notes & follow-up emails after each call. Now we breeze through them with accurate notes and spend our time focusing on our clients.

We love that we can easily share meetings, training calls, and webinars for anyone that needs to reference them."
Sofia Medlock
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