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Sonero is an AI powered platform that trains people to become better speakers. Using cutting-edge machine learning models, Sonero provides intelligent and detailed feedback on key conversation metrics such as pacing, energy level, delivery tone, use of filler words, facial expressions and a lot more! But it doesn't end there. Sonero can also give insights on how engaged people were when listening to you so that you can have better conversations.
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Why should your company use Sonero ?

Superior Demos & Presentations

Your teams can deliver more engaging demos and presentations.

Improved Sales Pitches

Your sales and marketing teams can sell more products with highly polished and improved pitches.

Enriched Client & Customer Experience

Your customer service teams can get valuable insights into their clients’ experiences.

Crucial Metrics & Insights

Get access to critical data and important metrics on what works and what doesn’t work to grow your business.

How does Sonero work ?


Upload Recording

Easily create a new recording or upload an existing audio, video or Zoom recording using Sonero's clean and user friendly UI.
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Instant Feedback

Once your recording is submitted for analysis, Sonero's advanced AI based engine uses speech and facial recognition machine learning models to give you instant feedback on your performance and what you can do to improve. You are also given a transcript of the recording with the fillers words you used highlighted in red.

Detailed Assessment

Delve deeper into detailed feedback about your performance. Key attributes such as the rate of pace, level of intensity, potency of your delivery, frequency of filler words and the types of facial expressions that you exhibited are provided in detail along with suggestions on what you can do to take your performance to the next level.
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Conversation Insights

Get critical insights into conversations with your clients and customers. Sonero's conversation intelligence will give you important metrics on your client's experience such as their energy and excitement levels along with your speaking durations.

Peer Feedback

You can also share your recordings to your manager and peers to get their feedback on your performance.
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