Stop taking notes.

Get s**t done.

You hate taking notes and so do we. That’s why we built Sonero, a magical tool that turns your conversations into digestible meeting notes instantly!

We don’t just transcribe and give you a blob of text that you’ll never use. Instead, we intelligently pull all the cool insights you need to know such as action items, important topics, key points, questions/answers and everything in between so that you can focus on the important things.

AI for virtual meetings

Why should you use Sonero?


Go Beyond Transcripts

Get actionable insights that help you understand what you need to know/do without manually sifting through transcripts


Advanced AI Technology

Spoken conversations are very hard for a machine to decipher as they're highly complex...but not for our cutting-edge AI engine!


Centralized Knowledge

Your source of truth for all your conversations that you can easily search, share and refer back to see what happened


End-to-End Efficiency

In addition to the digestible notes you get post-meeting, also create collaborative agendas pre-meeting in one place

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What do you get from Sonero?

Action Items & Follow-ups

Ever had a meeting and forgot to send that follow-up email or share that document afterwards? Well, not anymore. We pull all the action items that come out of your meetings automatically. Our AI is even so nice and smart that it also identifies the owners of these action items…just for you.

Key Points, Recaps, Questions/Answers

Do you scribble down the important things that were talked about and then realize later that it makes no sense because your handwriting sucks? You’re in luck because we surface all that information for you automatically.

Searchable & Bookmark-able Transcripts

If you do need the full transcript so that you can search for something specific or play a key moment or bookmark an important point in the meeting, you can do all of them in a super easy way.

Sentiment Analysis & Awesome Analytics

Are you a data nerd? Do you like pretty graphs? You can dive deeper into the analytics of all your conversations and get a better understanding of speaker timelines, user sentiments, dominant topics and a ton more things.

Collaborative Agendas

We’re not just about taking notes for you. We also help you prep for your meetings. You can easily collaborate on what you need to discuss before a meeting starts. The cool thing is that our AI even use your agenda topics when “writing” your meeting notes!

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