Better meetings with AI

Notes, analytics, coaching.

Better meetings with AI.

Good meetings are made of strong hosts and focused attendees. Sonero helps with both. - Notes, analytics, coaching, better meetings with AI | Product Hunt
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Increasing productivity for countless businesses

Designed to become your new meeting habit

An experience you'd expect from a team of assistants

All audiences

Sonero is built for all workplace conversations. Internal, external, and industry agnostic, any call or meeting can be analyzed by Sonero's conversation intelligence AI.

For teams & individuals

Sonero's meeting insights are as public or private as you need. Keep our analyzed outputs to yourself, distribute them amongst meetings attendees, or share them with the world.

Built for subtlety

The Sonero AI Assistant is present but silent as it takes meeting tasks off your hands. It's hard at work to provide insights and analytics right after you end the call.

At your discretion

All, internal only, external only, or on a per-case basis, pick and choose the conversations you'd like for Sonero to analyze automatically.

Privacy first design

Security is our top priority. Your data is owned by you and enterprise-grade encrypted, end-to-end, always. At any time, opt to remove your data from our UI and systems completely.

Fully extensible

Access Sonero functionality through our web app or via API. Our solution is fully extendable and scalable for your organization.

Note-taking, automated

Raw and complete. Full transcripts. Speaker attribution. Linked playback. Never miss an important point again.

Useful, usable insights. Get the ten thousand foot view. See conversation highlights, action items and owners, and questions and answers.

Opportunities and wins

Replicate potential. All conversations offer the possibility of “next steps”. Reference the opportunities we identify so that you can double-down on them on your next sync.

And if there’s a win, it’ll be highlighted so that you can repeat it in the future.

Sentiment Analysis

Get the full story. Tie every high and every low for every person back to that point in the conversation. 

Visualized. Track the energy, emotion, and tone of your audience. Answer for yourself if you were effective at communication.

It’s good to know how you did

Every meeting can be quantified. Your Meeting Score is the grade we assign to each conversation based on objective criteria. If there’s room for improvement, we will make a specific recommendation.

Integrated with your tools

What our customers are saying

"Sonero has been an exceptional tool for our agency! Before Sonero, we would have to type out each meeting’s notes & follow-ups manually which was a time-consuming process. Now with Sonero, we have more time to focus on our clients!"
Sofia Medlock
Brand Together
"Before Sonero, I do not know how I managed to be as productive and efficient as I am now in my meetings. And with the new speaker analytics, I have improved my presentation skills making me an even more powerful and engaging speaker!"
Suzanne Merrett
Amara Studios
"Sonero is a game changer because it allows me to focus on the meeting during the meeting and gives a full transcript, notes and follow-up points. I feel like Sonero is the best money we spend on a monthly basis.
Liam Duff
Pure Leaf Farms

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