Smart & digestible summaries of your online meetings

Sonero automatically analyzes your online meetings to provide digestible summaries that include next steps, action items, key discussion highlights, important questions and answers and all the talking points discussed by the participants.

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Why should you use Sonero?


Zoom Integration

Receive summaries after every meeting automatically with the native Zoom integration


Actionable Insights

Get critical insights to help you drive immediate action and state ownership


Centralized Knowledge

Key knowledge shared in online meetings is extracted and stored in one place


Meeting Agendas

Built-in agenda creation for structured meetings and more detailed AI summaries

What do you get from Sonero’s meeting summary?

Meeting Notes & Highlights

Using cutting-edge natural language processing, Sonero automatically extracts relevant and key discussion highlights from your meetings. If you created a meeting agenda, Sonero will also use the agenda to deliver a more detailed summary for each agenda topic. This can help everyone get an overall understanding of what happened in the meeting with just a quick glance.

Next Steps & Action Items

Action items are a crucial aspect of any meeting. Sonero will intelligently extract all action items and next steps from your meetings so that you know what tasks need to be accomplished next.

Top Questions, Answers & Talking Points

Sonero identifies and presents all the important questions and their corresponding answers from the meeting. In addition, you also get visibility into the different talking points addressed by the participants. These insights can help you uncover vital topics and themes discussed across your organization.

Timestamps! Timestamps! Timestamps!

All the discussion highlights, next steps, action items and Q&As are timestamped for your convenience. This means you can click on the timestamp link located next to the corresponding text to quickly get more details and context from the meeting recording directly if needed.

Searchable Transcript & Sharing

The complete transcript of the meeting is included for your reference. The transcript is fully searchable and the search results are also conveniently timestamped. Finally, the whole meeting summary can be easily shared with other people. They don’t even need to sign up for a Sonero account!

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