Google Integration

3 months ago

Google Integration


  • Sign into Sonero and go to the Integrations page
  • Click the Sign in with Google button in the Google Calendar section
  • You may be prompted to choose a Google account on the next page, choose the one that you use with Sonero
  • Click Allow in the next page to give Sonero the necessary permissions
  • Once authorization is successful, your Sonero and Google Calendar accounts should now be connected. That’s it!



Google Meet

Enabling Google Calendar integration will automatically allow the Sonero bot to join events that use Google Meet as the conference solution.

Notes: The Sonero bot will only join meetings for which you are the host/organizer of the event. 


Enabling the Google Calendar integration provides two functionalities:

  • Sonero will automatically sync with your Calendar events so that you can immediately start creating agendas for your meetings with other participants.
  • When the meeting starts, Sonero will call into your meeting and record the meeting if you are using Google Meet or Zoom without cloud recording support (If you are using Zoom with cloud recording please see

Once your meeting is done, we pick up your meeting recording, transcribe and process the recording and then notify you when the meeting summary is available via email. It’s that simple! Here are the steps:

  • Schedule a meeting in Google Calendar (make sure to select your preferred conference solution – Google Meet or Zoom)
  • If you’ve enabled our “Add link to calendar invite automatically” setting in Sonero, a link to the agenda for your meeting will be added so that participants can add discussion topics
Example google calendar event with sonero link
  • Start your meeting and the Sonero bot will join your meeting to record the call
Showing how Sonero joins the meeting via phone
  • Once your meeting ends, Sonero will automatically process your meeting for analysis and send you an email



Enabling Google Calendar integration will automatically enable the Sonero bot to join events that use Zoom as the conference solution. If you have enabled Zoom Integration, and also have Zoom Cloud Recording support, the bot will not join the call. Instead, we will use the video recording enabled by the Zoom cloud recording support. Please go here for more details:
NotesThe Sonero bot will only join meetings for which you are the host/organizer.